#EndSars: Prophet Fufeyin appeal on Nigerians, Clergymen, women to join hands in prayers against civil war


Following the dissent that emitted the nation over to look for a conclusion to police severity, particularly a segment of the power called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), well known priest, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin has approached the whole christian body, particularly pastors to implore against common war.

It would be review that the prestige Prophet considered this to be as far back in 22nd of June, 2020 and approached the congregation to ask, the precision of his prophetic words made many wonder about satisfaction.

Speaking in a video

He disclosed to columnists, the prophet said Nigerians must strengthen in petition, including that staying silent over the circumstance spells fate.

“Try not to stay silent. Things are occurring in wild way. On the off chance that you think the things that are occurring in Edo, Lagos, Rivers, Delta, Ibadan wouldn’t influence you, you might not be right,” Fufeyin, who is the organizer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries (CMDM) cautioned.

As indicated by him, it was high an ideal opportunity for the emergencies to stop and the congregation would be key in assisting with subduing the tide.

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The prophet had explicitly forecasted that a few people were arranging war, focusing on that the improvement would shake the nation and leave crushing fiasco as we’ve currently observed.

Talking during a Mountain administration in Warri, Delta, prior in June, the tycoon prophet had expressed that the nation was at the skirt of breakdown.

“Let us appeal to God for our nation Nigeria. There are various things that are going to occur. The nation is shaking. Everyone is discussing the story, even little kids. A few people will say how did these things happen, other would state God was doing it.

“Let us petition God for Nigeria, somethings that I am seeing, I have never observed. The things that are going to occur, on the off chance that it is useful for the nation it should show to the real world yet in the event that it is awful, left it alone dropped.

“As a prophet, what is going to occur, each family, every media, news houses will convey it. Let us supplicate that is red light. There is battle. I can’t uncovered it, I can’t stand it, I don’t know if it is truth,”

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Fufeyin had forecasted in video posted on youtube.

The prophet further expressed that he saw demise and that the circumstance would shake both youthful, little and old

“I am seeing demise, Fufeyin stated, including, the nation is kicking and even little kids were discussing the story.”

Once more, in August, Fufeyin said at a chapel gathering in Warri accentuated on the requirement for the nation to ask, expressing that they might be thoughtful battle in Nigeria.

“Let us appeal to God for our nation Nigeria. Let us meet up and appeal to God for Nigeria. I am seeing war, common war, if the nation didn’t require some investment, in the event that we are not devout, individuals are arranging, this is called war,” Fufeyin noted.

As indicated by him, the nation is dissipating and christians must supplicate and not permit the nation to be disperse.

In October this year, the young people of the nation began a huge dissent against Police ruthlessness, espailly looking for a conclusion to a segment of a Police power, know as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The dissent, which began as a quiet development in the long run deteriorated as hooligans revealed seized the dissent.

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The improvement accepting the most noticeably terrible turn as after shootout at a setting of the dissent in Lagos, leaving individuals dead while some supported injury. The issue further decline with emergencies across states as worldwide networks swam in.

In conclusion,the Man Of God petitioned God for those that have lost their carries on with, their families, the Nigerian Government and each stinging Nigerian…The Peace of God will reign in our Land he said.

OWOMOWOMO as he is affectionately called is referred to for his prophetic exactness as observed in different mainstream cases like the prospondment of the 2019 Presidential Elections, the Advent of Covid and it’s cluster by clump vanishing from country to country, and a lot more to specify a couple.


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