Step by step instructions to pick up entrance into Unilag


The University of Lagos, prevalently known as Unilag is one of the most-searched after colleges in Nigeria. With Lagos, the business capital of Nigeria playing host to the college, Unilag profits by Lagos’ gigantic populace, and consistently more than 50,000 competitors look for entrance into the college of the best option.

The area of Unilag in addition to other things separates it from different colleges in Nigeria. Being situated in the core of Lagos city, a city that never stops, where everything occurs in Nigeria, Unilag understudies are presented to different chances, data, and benefits than their partners in a school situated outside of Lagos may appreciate.

These elements joined with Unilag understudies’ scholarly presentation; the volume of examination work and their smooth running scholastic schedule settle on Unilag the college of best option for some confirmation searchers from Nigeria and past. Unilag has continuously positioned as one best school in Nigeria and even Africa as indicated by world colleges’ positioning bodies.

In spite of the fact that Unilag is the school might need to pick up entrance into, it’s very hard to pick up induction into Unilag, whatever your course of study might be. A huge number of understudies compose JAMB consistently with the expectation of picking up induction into one college or the other, out of which the greater part want to go to Unilag. Consequently, induction into the school is extremely serious and just a small bunch of understudies get conceded each year into Unilag.

On the off chance that you are an affirmation searcher who needs to pick up entrance into Unilag, there are sure confirmation prerequisites you have to meet so as to have a genuine possibility at entering the school and turning into an Akokite. Those prerequisites run from JAMN/WAEC mix, catchment regions, age necessity, Unilag post UTME enlistment measure, and so on. We will likewise take you through certain tips for picking up entrance into Unilag.

We will take a gander at these necessities consistently and precisely what you have to would on the off chance that you like to pick up induction into the University of Lagos in the following meeting.

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Instructions to Gain Unilag affirmation: Use Catchment Area Advantage

There is something many refer to as a catchment zone. The catchment territory in the confirmation cycle implies offering chances to understudies from a specific zone or geological region that has the equivalent with the school area. This is the reason Yorubas are more in a school like Unilag while in a school like UniBen, there are more individuals from Edo state and in a school line the University of Maiduguri, there are more Hausas.

The catchment zone is one major factor with regards to you picking up induction into any school in Nigeria as these schools incorporating Unilag frequently factor in the catchment territory.

Coming up next are the 6 states ordered under Unilga Catchment region:

Lagos State

Ogun State

Oyo State

Osun State

Ekiti State

Oyo State.

In the event that you are from any of these states, you unquestionably have more possibilities at picking up admission to Unilag that applicants from different pieces of Nigeria, if and just in the event that you meet different prerequisites’. This is the approach regardless of Unilag being a Federal University. What’s more, this isn’t just possible in Unilag yet across colleges in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, don’t let this data dissuade you, if it’s not too much trouble Regardless of whether you are not from the above catchment territories, in the event that you do very well in your JAMB and UTME tests, and meet other Unilag affirmation prerequisites, obviously, you can pick up admission to your fantasy school.

Necessities to Gain Admission into Unilag

Qualification Criteria

Before you start your Unilag affirmation measure, there are a few rules you have to meet. These rules are significant and actually, on the off chance that you don’t meet any of them, disregard upsetting yourself with the affirmation cycle.

WAEC Combination

Your WAEC result must be unified with at any rate 5 credits passes at one sitting in subjects that are pertinent to your course of study. Kindly note that Mathematics and the English language must be comprehensive in the subjects. This is significant in the event that you must have an opportunity of picking up admission to the University of the best option.

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Pick Unilag as First Choice

On the off chance that you genuinely and truly need to turn into a Unilag understudy, at that point pick Unilag as your best option of foundation in your JAMB structure. Unilag doesn’t consider up-and-comers who pick them as the subsequent option by any means. Keep in mind, the school is exceptionally serious and you are battling close by a huge number of different possibility to enter Unilag. So guarantee you pick them as best option and best option as it were.

Score in any event 250 in JAMB

In the event that you need to be considered for entrance into Unilag, you should score at any rate 250 in your JAMB tests at the hour of use. In spite of the fact that JAMB specifies 150, guarantee you try sincerely and score nothing under 250 in your JAMB to have a genuine possibility of addition induction into Unilag.

Since the school is profoundly serious, if an excessive number of individuals score 200 or more, they will raise their bar to 250. In the event that you score up to this, you have a more prominent preferred position. Likewise, guarantee your subject mixes are in accordance with those in the JAMB leaflet. Attempt as much as could reasonably be expected; perused as much as could be expected under the circumstances, fill in as though your life relies upon it, and ensure you score 250 in JAMB.

Age Considered for Admission into Unilag

You should be up to age 16 at the hour of use. On the off chance that you are more youthful than 16, you better stand by at home till one year from now, or attempt confirmation somewhere else cos Unilag won’t think about you.

Instructions to Apply for the Post UTME in Unilag

I have clarified the prerequisites of picking up entrance into Unilag bit by bit previously. When you’ve experienced and get together with the abovementioned, at that point you ought to follow the accompanying cycles in applying for post UTME in Unilag.

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Visit University of Lagos site –

When you get to the site, Click on Admissions

Snap on Post-UTME Application

At that point sign in with your JAMB enlistment number as username and family name in lowercase as secret word. This is to empower you to recall your subtleties without any problem.

Next, you create and print installment counsel

Now, you will visit any business bank to make installment of N2,000 as it were. This is the screening charge. You may likewise need to pay on the web in the event that you have a versatile banking application. You may likewise utilize your visa ATM card.

When you’ve caused this installment, to return to the University entrance and transfer your identification, at that point you can continue to finish your application structure

After this, you should print Post-UTME affirmation slip and Examination Pass

Spare your own planned tests time.

Begin getting ready for your tests. Keep in mind, you will likely make up to 250 or considerably more to pick up admission to the University of Lagos.

On the date of the tests, go with your print out in two shaded duplicates

When the UTME Exam date is here, go in and do your absolute best in that test lobby. Try not to be apprehensive in the test corridor, simply be intense and shrewd. When you’ve composed your UTME tests, continue visiting the entryway to check whether results are out.

In the wake of checking your outcomes, continue supplicating that your name makes the rundown. All things considered, you have out in all the required work.

One thing you can sure with Unilag is that their confirmation is carefully in merit. So on the off chance that you get ready well indeed and follow the affirmation methodology and rules above, you will have a superior shot at turning into a green bean at Unilag.


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