See The most effective method to Upload Files from a WordPress Form to Google Drive


Would you like to send documents from a WordPress contact structure to Google Drive?

Typically, your structure modules will transfer any documents legitimately to your WordPress site. Nonetheless, you may need to naturally transfer them to Google Drive too for supervision and simpler sharing.

In this article, we’ll tell you the best way to effortlessly transfer records from a WordPress structure to Google Drive.

Transferring documents from a WordPress structure to Google Drive

Why Upload Files From Your WordPress Form to Google Drive?

Typically, you can utilize your WordPress structure developer module to include a document transfer field and keep the transferred records on your site.

However, imagine a scenario where you needed to impart the transferred records to somebody who doesn’t approach the WordPress administrator region.

This is the place Google Drive comes in. Google Drive permits you to store records on the cloud and effectively share them with anybody. It additionally permits you to effectively get to records from any gadget without signing into your WordPress site.

For example, in the event that you make a request for employment frame and request resumes, at that point you can consequently transfer those documents legitimately to Google Drive and offer it with others in your group.

Another situation is the point at which you run a challenge where clients transfer photographs or submit articles to partake.

Sending those entries straightforwardly to Google Drive spares plate space on your site. Simultaneously, it protects those records in a distant cloud area.

That being stated, how about we investigate how to effectively send WordPress structure transfers to Google Drive.

Making and Preparing Your WordPress Form in WPForms

For this instructional exercise, we will utilize WPForms. It’s the most well known contact structure module for WordPress with more than 3 million dynamic introduces. It accompanies a straightforward intuitive interface that lets you effectively make any sort of structure.

At that point, we will utilize an instrument called Zapier to interface WPForms with Google Drive.

Zapier goes about as an extension to send information between two distinctive applications, without you expecting to utilize any code. It consistently incorporates with over 2000+ applications.

Note: You need the Pro form or higher to get to the Zapier addon for WPForms.

Making a File Upload Form in WPForms

To begin with, you have to introduce and actuate the WPForms module on your site. For additional subtleties, see our bit by bit control on the best way to introduce a WordPress module.

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Next, you need a structure that your site guests can use to send you documents. In the event that you don’t as of now have a structure set up, look at our bit by bit direct on making a record transfer structure in WordPress.

Significant: This technique will just work with a solitary record. It won’t work with numerous records from one structure accommodation.

When you have set up your structure, you have to add it to your site. To do this, essentially alter the post or page where you need the structure.

On the post alter screen, click on the + catch to include another square. From that point forward, look for the WPForms square and add it to your substance region.

Adding a WPForms square to a post or page

At that point, distribute your page or post to put your structure live. When you’ve done as such, feel free to make a test section. This will be utilized to set up and test the association among WPForms and Google Drive.

Here’s our test section:

The finished transfer structure, including a photograph (.jpg)

Getting ready to Connect WPForms with Zapier

We will utilize Zapier as an extension among WPForms and Google Drive. To do this, you have to introduce and initiate the WPForms Zapier addon.

In your WordPress administrator, go to the WPForms » Addons page and discover the Zapier addon. Feel free to tap the ‘Introduce Addon’ connection to introduce and enact it:

Introducing the Zapier addon for WPForms

Next, you have to visit the WPForms » Settings » Integrations page. Basically click on the Zapier logo to get your Zapier API key. You will require this so as to associate Zapier with WPForms.

Getting the Zapier API key from WPForms

Duplicate the API key some place safe or keep this tab open. You will require the API key in a later advance.

Making a Zap to Send Files from Your Website Form to Google Drive

When you have your structure prepared, go to the Zapier site. You have to make a free record or sign in to your current record.

In your Zapier dashboard, essentially click the ‘Make a Zap’ catch to begin. This will open the design wizard.

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Note: Zapier utilizes the word ‘destroy’ for a cycle with a trigger and an activity. Our trigger will be a guest filling in the structure, and our activity will send the file(s) connected to the structure to Google Drive.

At the head of the screen, you have to pick a name for your zap. When you’ve done that, it’s an ideal opportunity to set up the trigger.

To start with, you have to choose WPForms in the ‘Pick App and Event’ box. Simply type ‘WPForms’ into the inquiry bar to discover it:

Picking the WPForms application in Zapier

You will currently be provoked to choose a trigger occasion. This will default to ‘New Form Entry’ so everything you require to do here is click the ‘Proceed’ button.

Picking a trigger occasion in Zapier

Presently, Zapier will request that you sign into WPForms. Feel free to tap the ‘Sign in to WPForms’ catch.

Snap the catch to sign into WPForms

You should then observe a popup window. Here, you have to enter the API key that you discovered before.

You additionally need to include your site’s URL (space name).

Enter your API key from WPForms and the URL of your site

After you’ve entered those subtleties, simply click on the ‘Indeed, Continue’ catch to proceed onward.

Next, Zapier will request that you select your document transfer structure from a dropdown list. Feel free to tap on the name of your structure:

Select your record transfer structure from the dropdown in Zapier

When you’ve chosen the right structure, you have to tap the ‘Test trigger’ catch to ensure that Zapier has associated with your structure effectively.

Testing your trigger in Zapier

Subsequent to clicking that button, you should see a message that Zapier has discovered a test section. You will see the information on the screen:

Survey the information for the test WPForms section

Snap the ‘Proceed’ catch to proceed onward to the Action part of the Zap. Here, you have to pick your second application, Google Drive.

Picking the Google Drive application as the activity for the zap

Next, you will see the dropdown for picking an activity occasion. Here, you have to choose the ‘Transfer File’ alternative and afterward snap to proceed.

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Picking ‘Transfer File’ as the activity for the zap

Zapier will currently provoke you to sign into your Google Drive account:

Marking into Google Drive when incited by Zapier

When you’ve done as such, click the Continue catch to proceed onward:

Zapier and Google Drive are presently associated

Presently, it’s an ideal opportunity to set up where you need the records to go in your Google Drive. Just snap on the Drive dropdown to choose whether you need to utilize your own drive or a mutual drive.

At that point, click on the Folder dropdown to choose the envelope you need to utilize.

Select the Google Drive you need to use in addition to the envelope to place the transferred documents in

Next, you have to reveal to Zapier which file(s) to transfer. Under the File dropdown, select the transfer field on your structure:

Pick the right field (the record transfer field) from your structure dependent on the test information

From that point forward, you can leave different settings clear and snap the proceed with catch to proceed onward.

Zapier will presently incite you to test your Zap by sending a transfer record to Google Drive. Basically click the Test and Continue catch to do as such:

Sending the test record to Google Drive utilizing Zapier

This will send Google Drive the records you transferred in your test structure section. Feel free to check your Google Drive organizer for the documents:

Review the transferred document in Google Drive

When you’re sure that your zap is functioning as planned, basically click the ‘Turn on Zap’ catch to make it live:

Turn on your zap once you’re prepared

Presently, all records sent through your document transfer structure will consequently be transferred to your picked Google Drive organizer.

WPForms will consistently keep a reinforcement of all records on your WordPress facilitating account in the event that the Zapier API encounters any blackouts.

It would be ideal if you remember that in the event that you get a ton of structure entries with huge documents, at that point this will occupy expanded extra space in your Google Drive. In our business, we use G Suite Business intend to get Unlimited extra room.


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