How to Link a Godaddy Domain to a WordPress blog


There’s two different ways to distribute a blog on WordPress. You can utilize a current host, for example,, or utilize a custom area like or You have the choice to change where your blog is distributed at whatever point you need without losing any substance on your website.

On the off chance that you as of now have an area name with GoDaddy and you need to point your free blog to a custom URL, you can do this by remapping your space. The cycle is genuinely straightforward and it’s comparative with any host supplier. The main distinction will be in exploring the client gateway in your facilitating account. This guide will tell you the best way to plan your current Godaddy space name to a blog.

Why map your area to WP?

There’s a lot of valid justifications why you would need to plan your WordPress blog to a current area. First off, utilizing a current space name is a cheap method to make it simpler for individuals to discover your blog. It’s more expert to have a .com or an .organization URL than a long awkward name. Catalog locales that lease sub spaces can permit clients to plan their blog directly to the webpage. On the off chance that need to get familiar with various facilitating arrangements, look at our post on Self Hosting versus Managed Hosting.

Following are some different reasons why you might need to consider space planning as an answer:

Simpler to Share and Remember. Having the whole blog go straightforwardly to a custom area makes it much simpler for individuals to discover. In the present robotized world, you need to make things as smooth and basic as could be expected under the circumstances. Individuals have less characters to type and there is less possibility of a grammatical mistake with a shorter space. This makes space name will be simpler to recall also.

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Expanded Visibility. Try not to let your publishing content to a blog stage receive all the rewards from traffic that you draw. At the point when your site begins to turn out to be more famous you will have more traffic and more connects to the site. Internet searcher positioning is taken care of at the URL level, so expanded inquiry positioning will profit your space so you have full control of the web index esteem, which is an incredible resource in itself.

Minimal effort. It’s modest, it costs $10-15 a year relying upon where you live. You don’t need to purchase a facilitating plan to get a custom space name.

What are DNS workers?

Before we start the guide, perused this introduction on DNS workers on the off chance that you don’t have a clue what they are. You will manage DNS workers a ton on the off chance that you are doing such a work on the web, it’s acceptable to have at any rate an essential comprehension of their job. In the event that you are as of now acquainted with DNS, at that point you can skirt this segment and look down to the guide.

DNS means “space name framework.” Domain names are the human neighborly forms of IP delivers that we use to discover sites. In the DNS each space on the web is identified with a relating IP address. In the event that you are too youthful to even think about knowing what a telephone directory is, it’s a huge index posting of telephone numbers for business and individual telephone numbers. While today telephone directories are outdated gratitude to the web the capacity is fundamental equivalent to a DNS worker.

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The DNS keeps up an area index and translats space names into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. Area names are essentially for individuals, and IP addresses are for machines. It gets considerably more muddled yet that is past the extent of this article, or my insight besides.

The Central Registry is an enormous, unique information base brimming with data from all the space name workers over the web. ISP (Internet Service Providers, for example, Verizon or Comcast collaborate with the Central Registry continually to get refreshed DNS data.

How DNS Works

At the point when you type in a site URL will seem as though this: — Your ISP will glance through a DNS table to discover the space name, and make an interpretation of it into a machine benevolent IP address like (the IP address for Your program is then coordinated to the relating site.

At the point when you update the DNS workers on your area, it will ordinarily take a couple as long as 36 hours for all DNS workers on the web to have your refreshed DNS data. This is known as proliferation time. In the event that you’ve perused this far, you’ve definitely know all that you have to think about DNS for the extent of this guide.

What is Domain Mapping?

Space planning is the way toward pointing an enlisted area name to a blog or media display. Area planning isn’t equivalent to space sending or area concealing. Everytime somebody visits your webpage they will see your area for all the online journals content in lieu of As we referenced before another beneficial thing about area planning is that web crawlers will file your website at the planned space. When you wrapped up your host to your wordpress blog, clients can in any case get to your webpage through the url, yet they will see the new URL in the program bar. All the connections you have on your site will at present be flawless too.

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Planning a Godaddy Domain to

Since you are prepared, we can begin the guide. This isn’t excessively hard, yet it tends to be confounded. There just a couple of steps.

Things you need:

A Godaddy Account Account

$13/year for DNS planning

Login into your Godaddy account. Open the “My Account” menu and pick “Visit my Account”

godaddy account loginFrom the menu, open up the “Spaces” tab

Godaddy areas tabChoose the URL that you need to plan WordPress togodaddy oversee domainYou will be taken to the “Space Details Page.” Click oversee under the Nameserversgodaddy space subtleties A modular window will spring up. Pick “Custom” and snap the “enter nameservers” linkgodaddy custom name workers

Include the WordPress nameservers as appeared in the image and press “OK”add custom nameserver — godaddyYou will be reclaimed to the arrangement window. Press “Save”Godaddy — spare nameserver settings

Presently you should simply set things up in WordPress and you are a great idea to go. Login to WordPress.comWordPress Login

Explore to the “My Site” page, Select “Spaces” from the lower part of the menu. Pick the “Guide it” catch to plan your domain.WP map domainYou will be incited to pay the expense, which for my situation was $13 every year. After your installment experiences you will see the accompanying page. Snap “Update Settings.”


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