2023: Arewa adolescents talk on youth succeeding Buhari, godfatherism, Igbos push for administration


The President General of Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, Yerima Shettima, has upheld for a young president in 2023.

Shettima said adolescents should utilize the chance of 2023 to wrestle power from the old age who have consistently controlled force in Nigeria.

In a meeting with DAILY POST, Shettima called attention to characteristics Nigerians should pay special mind to in picking the following President.

The AYCF President-General likewise expressed his situation on godfatherism, in front of 2023, guarantee for Southeast administration, how best to handle Boko Haram hazard and the Southern Kaduna emergency.

Mamman Daura’s comment on rotational administration:

I concur with Daura on this not on the grounds that I trust in the things he state, but since we need competency so openings will be there. Initiative can rise up out of any piece of the nation. My considerations in the past have been that we should hold power however considering the realities that there is doubt all over the place, I presently figure we ought to think about competency. Assume we discover one in the North fine, in the South, great as long as it would ensure the intrigue and picture of the nation. It won’t be strange to spare the nation by energizing around someone capable so we have great administration.

Ought to there be an age limit for Presidency?

All things considered, in the event that internationally there is no norm on age limit for the Presidency, at that point I don’t figure we should. I give you a case of the United States, US. In the event that they didn’t put an age limit for the Presidency, at that point I don’t believe it’s appropriate for us. Notwithstanding, it’s a test for the more youthful ages as should be obvious that we contribute more to decisions than these more established individuals, so what’s up in making one of our own President so that for once we can do things the manner in which we need.

We assume a significant job with regards to the issue of choice, particularly under an equitable setting, which has to do with casting a ballot and casting a ballot has to do with numbers and we are more. These equivalent young people are the ones frequently utilized for positive or negative during races. I think we have a stake. So for me, we have taken in a ton of exercises from these octogenarians which we should use to make more open doors inside the political space. The current age should take the mantle of initiative and work harder as it won’t be an issue of talking points however assurance. Despite the fact that we can’t preclude the spot of treachery, who feels more youthful ages can’t convey. This is the reason we have to manufacture a national development where we can consistently concur on something, and everyone will be sufficiently spoken to in the undertaking Nigeria.

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Do you see a young rising as President in 2023?

It is conceivable just if adolescents are resolved. On the off chance that we can all things considered concur that how about we once fill in as accomplices not disapproving of where we originate from and our religion with the goal that nothing will be a measuring stick to why we can’t accomplish that. However, where there are divisions, doubts, where a few adolescents are diverted, it would be outlandish. Obviously, remember that a portion of these pioneers who are not dedicated to extend Nigeria would consistently appreciate this separation and rule framework. In the event that these adolescents keep on working in such line, at that point the more established ages will keep on controlling our fates, I supplicate it doesn’t work this time around.

Southeast elites are taking steps to join Nnamdi Kanu to request Biafra if Igbo administration falls flat in 2023

I don’t feel that these alleged elites are representing the consensus of the Southeast, however a couple of people who include lost significance inside the political scene are making it resemble it’s their privilege and an unquestionable requirement. They overlook that individuals have grown up and they can’t threaten anyone, particularly those of us from the North.

I’m of the view that on the off chance that they have good intentions for the Southeast, at that point they should connect aside from on the off chance that they are talking just to go behind the scene and haggle for the aggregate enthusiasm of their kin. Indeed, even a few of us from different pieces of the nation who accept we have more numbers campaign, legislative issues is tied in with campaigning, we settle on a truce. In any case, when you begin offering expressions giving dangers, at that point it’s inappropriate. On the off chance that they need to leave, they are free as long as they don’t drag us into a war when leaving.

I accept dependent on my interview, those of them who talk about balkanizing Nigeria are only a couple and can’t abrogate the aggregate enthusiasm of the Southeast. I trust Southeast has individuals thinking straight and they are more in number.

In the event that the chips are down and they continue balkanizing Nigeria, at that point the administration should lead a choice and how about we see their number and get rid of these couple of voices undermining the solidarity of this nation. Their number isn’t up to one percent of Igbo children who have confidence in the solidarity of Nigeria.

In view of my conferences, I have come to accept that the Igbos are keen on the solidarity and tranquility of Nigeria, as against the impression out there. A portion of these talking points and remarks are making a few of us consider them to be not being not kidding. They have to cut down their head, structure a coalition and entryway individuals to show they are readied and not giving dangers.

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Like it or not, the Southeast had a decent amount, to a huge degree, the legislature of Jonathan can be viewed as additional for the Southeast, take a gander at occupations, the significant advocates are those from the Southeast. It arrived at the point that a picture was made at that point, I never realized that Jonathan generally will be Azikiwe yet the name had showed up. So in expansion, it’s comparable to control in their grasp, they had the Finance Minister, Chief of Army Staff, Ihejirika.

In what capacity would southeast be able to create Nigeria’s President?

They ought to be strategic about it, and no one is stating they could never yet they ought to make the best choice. Remember that the greater part of them are not genuine, even inside themselves they are not joined together, they are separated on issues and that is the reason the North is remarkable. At the point when we settle on a choice everyone lines and goes hard and fast, so in the event that they like it as such they should fish out the spoiled eggs among them like those compromising the solidarity of Nigeria since they are not doing any great toward the Southeast. They are accomplishing more mischief and harm to the area. They are decreasing the open doors before them. How might you undermine me that in the event that you don’t get this I won’t lay down with my two eyes and you anticipate that me should confide in you with initiative? Gone are those days you undermine individuals.

What are the characteristics Nigerians should pay special mind to picking the following President

Presently it has indicated that it’s not about ideological groups any longer. The malicious we blamed PDP for doing the APC has accomplished more mischief. What we ought to be seeing currently isn’t ideological groups yet competency. I recollect as of late saying any ideological group that needs to have a good time with Nigerians by zoning its Presidency to a specific zone will have themselves to fault since Nigerians won’t take that. The issue of zoning was what carried us to the enduring we are today, and we won’t bear it any longer. Each locale should accompany their hero then Nigerians would choose.

Additionally, we will take a gander at individuals’ precursors, limits and competency since we can’t manage the cost of any degenerate head. In spite of the fact that the framework urges such degenerate pioneers to rise yet we will guarantee they don’t discover their foot this time around and that is the reason a few of us are of the view that we should assemble something that would decentralize the government. Decrease the force at the inside where individuals need to experience forms at their zone or bodies electorate just to rise at the middle.

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Under this framework, individuals who are not able to be nearby government executive or Councilors in their networks are raised on individuals as lead representative, legislators, House of Representatives individuals and even President by someone in Abuja. The framework is ground-breaking to the point that once you have the gift of someone at the inside regardless of whether you are floundering in debasement by stealing a large number of dollars day by day, a back up parent some place will request that you be a pioneer. On the off chance that we diminish the force at the inside, monetarily lead representatives would turn out to be more practical, beneficial and outfit their assets inside their states so they can pay assessment to the middle. At this level, we won’t depend on Rivers or Bayelsa States to deliver oil for the nation to endure. At this level, individuals would choose how they need to leave as individuals.

Do you see the godfatherism consider coming to play picking Nigeria’s pioneers in 2023

We despite everything have a touch of it in governmental issues, yet it’s getting exceptionally disliked. Today Adams Oshiomhole who is depicting himself as guardian to someone, had battled against a built up back up parent, Tony Anineh, for what reason would he say he is presently making himself a mythical being against someone that succeeded him?

I, in any case, praise Obaseki in light of the fact that he remained against godfatherism, Oshiomhole and for that he has my compassion and regardless of whether he loses the political decision, he would be associated with battling godfatherism, so he stays a legend and a mobilizing point for the people to come, which will utilize him as a kind of perspective point. Regardless of whether Obaseki wins or loses, he stays on the positive side of history.

The issue of godfatherism must be battled with like the devil; this equivalent issue of godfatherism was what driven Ambode to where he is today. For just losing the fearlessness to persevere like Obaseki is doing was what driven him to where he is today. I think because of cognizance and mindfulness, individuals are starting to oppose this issue of godfatherism. This issue will consistently come up on the grounds that lead representatives would need to force a chump who will deal with their jumble so they will spare and make the most of their plunder. This is the reason I praise the ex-legislative head of Borno State, in the event that he had not permitted Zulum, we probably won’t get the sort of good work from that state presently, he’s doing it his way.

What’s the most ideal approa


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